Be a Hospice Volunteer!

Volunteers are very important to the success of any hospice program. Volunteers are able to provide the little “extra touches” that regular staff is often too time constrained to do. If you have even just one hour a month, you have the time to be a Hospice Volunteer! The amount of time you have to volunteer is totally up to you! There are numerous ways you can help out. Here are a few things you can do as a Hospice volunteer :

  1. Indirect Patient Care – The list is almost unlimited and there is definitely something that matches a talent you may have. Ways to help could be running errands for a family, providing respite time, cooking meals, baking cookies for the Legacy Lodge, reading to patients or playing some soothing piano music on the Legacy Lodge Piano.
  2. Direct Patient Care – Assisting with personal cares & grooming or simply being a patient companion.
  3. Bereavement Support – May consist of follow-up visits or phone calls to a grieving family. Volunteers may assist the bereavement coordinator with scheduling activities, facilitating a support group or providing support for other volunteers and staff.
  4. Fundraising – Volunteers may assist in planning fundraisers, contacting other volunteers for help and assisting during the fundraising event.

You won’t go into volunteering unprepared, as Circle of Life Hospice offers all new volunteers a structured training course to properly prepare you. Volunteering is a great way to help others in need. We guarantee that both you and the families you help will be blessed by your volunteer time!

“My mom received the best care possible from the most caring and compassionate nurses and CNAs. They made Mom’s end of life easier for her and for us.”